Voltage clamp experiments (incomplete)

Module: tutorials.01_EP_single_cell.03A_voltage_clamp.run

Section author: Gernot Plank <gernot.plank@medunigraz.at>

This example explains the basic usage of bench for performing voltage clamp experiments

Basic usage

To run the experiments of this tutorial change directories as follows:

cd ${TUTORIALS}/01_EP_single_cell/03_voltage_clamp
# run clamp experiment
bench --imp TT2  --clamp -40.0 --clamp-dur 200 --clamp-start 10  --validate --duration 500 --stim-curr 0. --fout=./VmClamp

# convert to hdf5 for limpetGUI visualization
bin2h5.py VmClamp_header.txt svclamp.h5
txt2h5.py TT2_trace_header.txt Trace_0.dat curclamp.h5

# visualize
limpetGUIpyQt svclamp.h5
limpetGUIpyQt curclamp.h5